Christmas Joy

When you receive a diagnosis that your child may have only 10-20 years left with you, you start to look at the world differently.  Along with that no one can tell you how many of those years will be good years where the affects of the disease will not hinder him too much.

While we know the symptoms of the disease we face, we have no idea when we can expect each stage to occur. Cade could be walking for another year or another six years. There is nothing concrete with this disease.

And that is just one of the milder symptoms we are facing. Do you know what it is like as a parent to know that one day your child will not have the strength to hug you? He will also not be able to feed himself or do anything for himself at some point in the future.

So that is why when we received that diagnosis, I started looking less for material possessions and more for experiences that would create lasting memories.  We also paid more attention to Cade’s interests.  That’s how we discovered his love of gardening and his desire to have chickens.

Well, thanks to some amazing friends and generous donation, Cade is now going to have chickens starting this spring!!!  I tried to attach the video of his surprise to the end of this post. For some reason it is not loading so I will keep trying and until then I will post it separate on the Facebook page for Cade’s Journey.

This coop will allow Cade to be able to earn some money by selling eggs. Right now when Cole wants to earn money we send him out to lay pipe, pull posts, or another manual labor task like those. Cade is not able to do any of those tasks.

Hopefully between the chickens and the garden this summer, Cade will find purpose in being able to make his own money.

By the way, please ignore any sniffling you might hear in the video. It was really emotional but in a really amazing way!

Blessings. Lynnette

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