Has anyone else noticed how majestic farmhouses look?  I love to drive around and look at the beauty of old farmhouses standing tall.  But TALL is the key word here.  Old farmhouses have lots of stairs which is why they stand tall.

farmhouse, muscular dystrophy

The old farmhouse we currently live in stands tall.  We have lots of stairs.  We even have stairs to get inside our house.

mg_7747.jpgOur bedrooms are upstairs.  The laundry is downstairs.  The majority of our awake hours are spent on the main floor.What in the world were people thinking when they built these majestically tall houses?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my farmhouse.  We just now have to think ahead for everything we do for Cade.  We now consider how Cade is going to get in the house, how he will get to bed, and how he will help with chores.

Stairs are like the archenemy of MD.  Stairs create the exact muscle contraction that we don’t want to happen in Cade as it breaks down his muscles at a faster rate.  So now the tall farmhouses I once loved, leave an ache in my heart.

Yes there are modifications that we can make so that he doesn’t have to do stairs as much.  But that means giving up things for us too.  My freedom I found after having moved all the toys upstairs is now being infringed upon.  Telling the boys to go play upstairs now makes me pause.  Do I really want Cade to go upstairs?

Plus we are still just worrying about stairs on the level that Cade is still walking. Never mind that Cade will eventually be in a wheelchair and then the stairs create brand new concerns.

We know that each need will be provided for, but that doesn’t make the transition time any easier.  These are the worries that we face living in an old farmhouse with a boy with DMD.

Blessings.  Lynnette


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