Atkinson for the score!!

This is our view for the next couple of months.  Basketball will be our adventure for Cole.  I am glad that Cole has something separate for himself.  Sports are something that he alone in our family does.

It seems that we have been doing a lot for Cade.  While Brent and I know that it is for medical reasons, to a 12 year old boy it just seems like a lot of stuff for a little brother.  So basketball will be Cole’s and Cole’s alone.  Cade is Cole’s biggest fan too.

We go to practice and hang out. Since we live in the country I don’t feel like driving back home for 45 minutes and then driving back to town.

Sometimes we run errands and do some shopping. Sometimes Brent and I switch out and I get to go back home. Anyway we handle it though, this is for Cole.

I do love how the boys on Cole’s team become family. The siblings play with Cade at practice and they all cheer together at games.  But Cade does become bored and restless at games.

Tonight was only an hour practice but Cade became bored and restless by the end.  We try to take things with us to keep him entertained but sometimes it is hard.

If anyone has any ideas for things to entertain Cade while we are at games, please let me know.  I’be thought about a few things, but also have to keep in mind that he is a 9 year old boy who would rather not be seen knitting or activities like that by his friends.

So that’s my goal right now.  To cheer on Cole and his team.  And to also find something for Cade to do while we spend our days at tournaments.

Blessings.  Lynnette

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