Snow Day Followed By Archery Night

Cade was hoping for a snow day on Monday. He jumped up out of his chair and let out a holler at church when he found out that school had been cancelled. Don’t worry. We weren’t in the middle of the service. We were at a potluck dinner when I got the call.

Now fast forward 24 hours and Cade was done with his snow day. With the snow day, he was also hoping that we would lose power long enough that we might have to go to Grandma and Papa’s house. But we didn’t lose power. At all!

So then he thought we should go driving over to Grandma and Papa’s house just so he could do something. I had to explain to him that since I didn’t get out in the weather to go to work, we were not going to go out for a drive.

He did get to go out for a little while when Brent came home to get Cole to help scoop out the feed bunks. Cade jumped up and announced that he was going too. Brent told him that he couldn’t help scoop bunks but Cade didn’t care. He just wanted out of the house!

Spring really needs to get here for this boy. He loves being outside!

Tonight was archery night. Sorry no pictures yet. I think if I want to get some I will probably have to go too so that I can take them!! At least that means they are all busy there! Cade still really likes archery night even though he doesn’t get a normal Grandma Tuesday.

I’m just really glad that this is something all three of them can do together. No one is the spectator for this activity!

My week is going better and I feel a little more like normal again. I know there will still be rough days but am really glad that I am past crying over everything and nothing all at once!

Blessings. Lynnette

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