Overwhelming Blessings!

We had a pretty big weekend at our house!  On Friday, the boys and Brent went to the basketball game while a couple of friends and I tried something new by going LIVE on Facebook.  We were previewing some of our items for the silent auction that we were having with our Pasta and Pie Fundraiser Dinner on Sunday.

Then on Saturday, Cole had basketball in Cambridge.  Cade was even excited since he asked if he could be their student manager and sit with the team during the games.  He was told he could sit with them if there was room.

I kept watching down there and at first I wasn’t sure we should have let him.  But then I noticed that he and his best friend Halsey were taking their job seriously.  They would go fill the boys’ water bottles and listen in on time outs.  It was pretty special to see.


It is not a very good picture but I was also trying to watch the game for Cole.  The boys played great and they won the tournament.  The boys are so much fun to watch play together.  They all play with such intensity, but they play well as a team too.


And the Sunday was here and it was the BIG day.  And God took my small plans and turned them into something God sized!!  I truly saw God working on every step of the process for planning this dinner.  From steering me in the direction to go when I first was trying to come up with a plan to the final ending when I could see everyone having a good time while waiting for the silent auction to end.

I often forget that God can still work miracles to this day.  But I truly think my greatest miracle in this was when He sent me 2 very dear friends to keep pushing when I felt like giving up.  These 2 ladies talked me through some of my very worst moments when I felt like giving up on this idea and finding us a church that was already handicap accessible.

The 2 ladies stepped up and took over where I needed them to.  These ladies carried out everything that God had designed for this event even when I could not see His plan.  I don’t think I will ever be able to express my gratitude enough to these ladies.  They are my very best friends and I wouldn’t have been able to push through without them (and their husbands!).

We had a very successful event because of them.  God is so good!!

Blessings.  Lynnette

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