It’s THE Week!!

The week is here. We head to Denver this week for Cade’s appointments. Luckily for me, the next 2 days are busy for me involving work, laundry, packing and bible study.

So tonight I will be doing laundry, ironing and packing for our trip. Then tomorrow it will be just finishing up packing the essentials and loading the car after bible study.

Yesterday was basketball day for us. Cole’s team played so well. They have been fun to watch this year. You can see so many things clicking for them.

We have also been loving seeing everyone wear their shirts. It has been so much fun to show Cade the pictures I get and let him know how many people are cheering him on.

I do have a few shirts left to get to some people so if you haven’t got your shirt yet get in touch with me. We are planning on opening up orders again but not for a couple of weeks yet.

We think it would be fun if you are willing to wear your shirts on Wednesday, we would love to see that. We have our first cardiology appointment on Wednesday and this will be a new one and it has me nervous. So we would love to see some friendly faces supporting us that day.

I will also be posting updates later in the day for those appointments also.

Blessings. Lynnette

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