Grateful and Blessed Beyond Measure

Since this is Thanksgiving week, I feel like I should write a post about being thankful. I could write many posts about how we have been abundantly blessed by the outpouring of support from our community. The notes, the comments, the offers of help have all been amazing.

I fear however if I write a post like that I will forget someone inadvertently and I would be crushed to do that. We just want you to know that we pray for each of you. We love you all.

But since I didn’t want to miss someone, I decided to write about being grateful for Cade’s diagnosis.  I know, I know.  And no I haven’t lost my mind either, at least not yet.

I was talking to a dear friend the other day about all the things we have going on right now with Cade.  You see, last week was a busy week.  We had our meeting for Make-A-Wish on Tuesday night.

If any of you have ever considered donating to Make-A-Wish, please do.  We are so amazed by this organization.  If you could have seen the look on Cade’s face when talking about the places he might like to go, you would not hesitate to help put that look on another child’s face.

It is an absolutely amazing organization.  To find ways to help out this organization, either through your time or resources, go to  Even though this is a national organization, every wish is granted on a state basis.  Just something to keep in mind if you are wanting to donate directly to Nebraska.

But I digress.  So that was on Tuesday and on Thursday, we met at the church with a vendor for a lift installation to make our church handicap accessible.  Things are progressing with this endeavor and I am beginning to work on ideas for fundraising.  So in just this last week alone amazing things have been happening.

So back to the title of Grateful and Blessed Beyond Measure.  Because of Cade’s diagnosis, we will leave an everlasting legacy!

Because of DMD, we will get to go on an amazing trip that probably would have never occurred without DMD.  Cade is so excited he wishes that we could go now!  It is amazing for him to think that because of his disability, we get to do something fun.

Because of DMD, we are now progressing forward with making our church handicap accessible.  If we didn’t have a very personal interest in this, we would still be just discussing that it needs to be done.  Because of DMD, this project moved from being talked about to being worked on.

Because of DMD, we have spread awareness in an area where many people have never heard of it.  With awareness comes more funding for research and knowledge for treatments.  Our community has fully embraced this diagnosis and help out in any way possible.

All of these things and many more will be done in Cade’s name.  What a legacy for him!

Blessings.  Lynnette

Muscular Dystrophy

Cade hanging out on the farm

One thought on “Grateful and Blessed Beyond Measure

  1. We are truly blessed…. in so many ways! It is hard to include DMD as a blessing, but we all know God has this… even this. While we lean on Him to keep our hearts and mind positive, it is still HARD watching this little guy that we love so much find so many things to be so hard.


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