Deer Hunting and Meat Grinding


It is rifle deer season here.  We are a family of hunters.  We also do our own processing of the meat which means BIG days for us.

Cade got to “suit up” for deer hunting this year.  He didn’t actually shoot but he got to ride along and be a spotter.  He was pretty excited to be included.

The downside is that he would be completely exhausted by Sunday evening.  They got up before 6:00 a.m. on Saturday and went out with Brent.  They didn’t see anything “shooting worthy” and so the boys came home so Brent could go to work.

I tried every trick I knew to get Cade to take a nap, without physically putting him in his bed and telling him to take one.  The best I got was laying in the chair with his brother and resting.  Then they managed to talk Papa into taking them out hunting in the afternoon.

They saw the one Cole wanted and Cole took aim.  He ended up with a 3 by 3 mule deer and his excitement could barely be contained.  I don’t think it was possible for him to smile any wider.  It was one of those smiles that comes from pure joy.

So Cade was no longer needed as spotter so we went home to rest while Brent and Cole hung the deer.  We all got up Sunday morning and Cade and I got ready for church.  Brent and Cole were going to use the morning to cut the meat off the deer so we could process it.  The weather was just too warm to let it hang.

So now we had to process the meat that afternoon.  We make stew meat and jerky out of it.  Cade and Cole helped with the grinding for the jerky.


This added to the already long day.  Cade was exhausted but ready to do it all again this weekend.  We will see if Brent gets his deer or not.  Cole also has basketball on Saturday morning so Cade and I will go be cheerleaders for him.  Should be fun!

Blessings.  Lynnette


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