Neat Little Packages

I have been thinking about Advent recently. We, as humans, love to imagine everything wrapped up in neat little packages.  We have shrunk down waiting for Jesus to 25 days!  Never mind that the promise of a Savior started in the Old Testament, long before Gabriel came to visit Mary.

Isaiah 9 talks about the coming Savior.  This Savior was given titles such as “Wonderful Counselor”, “Mighty God”, and “Everlasting Father”.  The one I think people rush past is “Prince of Peace”.  We craved the “Mighty God” that could remove the wait and struggle. Not the one that will bring peace in the midst of struggle.

Now fast forward to the closer promise of our Savior, the moment that Gabriel visited Mary.  Again, we forget that having a baby doesn’t happen overnight.  There would have been a nine month waiting period again.

Then comes the birth of our Savior!  Now we can be saved, right?  However, our Savior came in the package of a tiny baby, one that cannot walk and talk yet.  How is this child supposed to save us?  More waiting!!

The one thing that keeps playing in my mind though is that during those waiting times, great things were still occurring!  The wait bothers us all so much!  But as I have found with this diagnosis, everything so far for us has been hurry up and WAIT!!

So with all our waiting, I am learning to open my eyes to the things that happening during our waits.  I keep asking God to help me see things from His perspective of time.  Help point out to me things that I might miss if I keep focusing on our wait.

And you know what, Advent is now being seen to me through newly opened eyes.  For the first time in a few years, I enjoyed decorating my house for Christmas.  I want to do even more decorating.  I put up our Advent calendar and think I am looking forward to it more that my boys.

I want to live in the present and not worry so much about the future. I want to live in His presence. Do I still plan and prepare for the future? You bet but I try to leave the worry out of the equation.

So enjoy this season of waiting with me! You never know what you might see if you don’t try to rush past the wait.

Blessings. Lynnette

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