It All Caught Up to Me

Sorry I have been a little absent on here lately.  It has been incredibly busy at home.  Plus I succumbed to illness.

What I think started as an allergy flare up after a windy day, developed into not being able to breathe out of my nose and exhaustion.  On Sunday, I had to take a nap just to survive the Christmas program at church.

Since June 1, we have been going and learning and researching and going some more.  We have been so busy focusing on our new normal and what we needed to do and learn to benefit Cade, that we have hardly taken any down time.  I think I was just too exhausted to fight off the allergy flare up.

So on Sunday I also missed out on caroling.  Cade was nervous about the caroling.  At first he didn’t want to go.  But we have an AMAZING church family and some friends offered to let him go and he changed his mind.  It has been several late nights though now, so he is starting to get more tired.

This morning, he struggled to get up out of the chair when the bus was there to pick him up.  He was really excited to go to school today though because he was taking gifts with him.  He gave the bus driver his gift and then had 2 teacher gifts with him.

I really wish it was feasible for us to give gifts to every teacher he comes in contact with.  Our school is really amazing and the teachers are all top notch.  They are such a loving staff and care for Cade and help out in any way possible.

So today is the last day of school for the boys before break and I am hoping tomorrow will be a day of rest for Cade.  He really needs it before the big weekend starts.  With his aunts and uncle being home, he will not want to stop for anything!!

This also made me think of the new year that is fast approaching.  While we still will have to go for many things for Cade, I want to pay attention to things that both Cole and Cade mention that they would like to do.  I am hoping that we will no longer be scrambling to put things into place but can be more future oriented so that none of us become exhausted.  I think my New Year’s resolution will include the gift of time and being present.

Anyone else started thinking of their New Year’s resolutions yet?

Blessings.  Lynnette

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