The song from Journey immediately popped into my head when I typed this title.  So much so that I almost changed the title.  You know I’m just a small town girl!  Yep, you can all now sing it with me.

But now back to the real reason for this title.  This is a season of believing.  It’s a message spread all around us.  Whether it is a little one who puts out cookies and milk or it is a community that comes together to celebrate the birth of our Lord.  Everyone has hope this season.


We believe in the hope that is in Jesus Christ.  I love the miracle of Christmas.  It is amazing to think that the hope of the whole world rested in the birth of a baby.  Any parent knows the instant your little one is born, you begin to hope for all kinds of wonderful things for their future.  We have these same hopes for our sons.  Our biggest hope is that they know the Lord, serve the Lord, and live up to His plans for their lives.

We believe that a cure can be found.  We have such amazing organizations such Project Parent Muscular Dystrophy and the Muscular Dystrophy Association that are advocating and researching for a cure.  We believe that the more awareness there is, the easier it will be for these organizations to work towards a cure.

We believe that Cade can live a mostly normal life.  This takes work though.  We look ahead to start putting steps in place so that the transition to the next phase will be easier.  He has chores, friends that he hangs out with, and spends plenty of time outside.

We believe that God is good.  We have had such amazing experiences already because of DMD. While we would have never considered some things, such as Cade still be able to walk, as something other than ordinary before, we now know that it is an amazing blessing from God. We believe that we can show God’s goodness through our appreciation of our gifts that we have been given.

We believe that no matter the outcome, it is part of God’s perfect plan. While none of this would be our plan for our family, we recognize that God’s plan is so much greater than ours.

But most of all, we “Don’t Stop Believin'”!

Blessings. Lynnette

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