Archery Night Success

Our New Year’s Eve and Day ended up being just fine. I had my moment and then it got better. Cade was exhausted and I did notice him struggling to get up especially off of the floor.

Now enter Tuesday and the beginning of the indoor archery league at Cozad. Brent and Cole did this last year and enjoyed it immensely. Cade has his bow and decided he wanted to try it too.

Brent and I were extremely nervous. Would this go well or end with tears. But we did decided to let Cade try. You see, for the rest of his life, Cade will be told “no” over and over. Maybe not in words but could just be with the inability to do it.

We are taking the approach that if we can modify something and let him try it, we will figure out how to get it done. So with nervous energy, Brent loaded up and headed to Cozad.

I am so excited to say that Cade loves it and was able to compete!!! This is an absolute win. I wanted to cry when he come home excited and ready to go back next week. He told me about his score and that he was able to shoot 40 arrows!!

Today he even told me that he wished they could have archery again tonight. He absolutely loved it!! I wanted to do cartwheels! Since I was having such a rough DMD day the other day I wanted to let everyone know about our DMD win!!

Hopefully I will get pictures next week. I sent Brent with instructions to take some this week in case Cade didn’t want to go back but in the midst of helping Cade and discovering Cade’s love of the league, Brent forgot.

Blessings. Lynnette

3 thoughts on “Archery Night Success

  1. I am so glad it was a success for him…. and for you guys! You needed a good experience with him. I asked him if he was excited for archery and he told me he was kind of excited but kind of not excited. I asked him what made him not excited and he told me it was because he had to miss Grandma Tuesday! I love that they still love coming over to spend the evening!!!!


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