Attitude Adjustment Needed.

Today didn’t start as a very good day for me. We already knew it would be a rougher day for Cade since we had a Christmas last night and a Christmas tomorrow. We knew we would have to have a relaxed day today.

That is where my trouble started. Gone are the days when we were more carefree about our activities. We would have stayed out late last night, went out tonight, and then stayed out late again tomorrow. We would have known that the boys would be tired but we could squeeze in a nap and all would be great.

Then enters DMD and that carefree attitude is gone forever. We are now spending the evening at home. No more enjoying our friends and family with thoughts of only catching a nap. No, now we must think ahead because for Cade he doesn’t just become in need of a nap. If he gets to worn down his DMD can create all kinds of trouble.

Like the trouble it caused this morning. When getting ready for church, Cade normally has trouble getting his pants unbuttoned and buttoned and will probably have some trouble with his socks. But this morning, he required help to out his pants on! On top of that he didn’t even attempt the stairs at church.

And today I wanted to scream for it! I wanted to shout about how unfair it was that Cade couldn’t manage to dress himself. I wanted to shout that we now think of going places as how many stairs must Cade attempt.

But mostly I wanted to shout that I didn’t want Cade to have to bear this cross!

So instead I am laying on he couch when I have a million other things I should be doing and I am typing out my frustrations. Then maybe I will close my eyes for a bit and wake up with a much better attitude.

Blessings. Lynnette

4 thoughts on “Attitude Adjustment Needed.

  1. I’m sorry for your day. I will say it was most likely harder on you than the boys. It’s so hard to look on. They boys were probably glad to be home and play/use their new Christmas gifts etc. God knew Cade needed a wonderful mom and how right He was!!


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