Small Towns are the Best!!

I have been staring at this blank page for about 30 minutes now trying to figure out how to adequately express our gratitude for the showing of support last night for Cade.  I don’t think I will even come close, but I know I need to put something out there.

We are beyond blessed by the amount of people that showed up to the movie last night.  I had to fight back the tears many times.  But to watch the look of pure joy on Cade’s face last night was amazing.  For a short amount of time he was just a 9 year old boy getting to hang out with a bunch of amazing people.


In order to take this picture, he needed to climb about 4 stairs.  We asked him before the movie started if he would want to take a selfie.  He loved the idea and he was in!  And for the first time in months, he didn’t hesitate about being in front of anybody or about climbing those stairs!!  That alone was a blessing.

Even when we have went to school events, Cade has worried about stairs or about being around people that he hasn’t been around since his diagnosis.  We usually have to have a talk before the event about how we will modify everything and make it so that he won’t have everyone’s attention on his struggles.

But this time, he went and sat down with his friends and when the time came for the selfie, he jumped right up and climbed those stairs.  The stairs were still tough for him but there was no worry or hesitation!  And for that alone, we will be eternally grateful to our small town!!

We are in the process of getting a raised garden to go along with our chicken coop.  These items will give Cade something to do in the summer when other kids are doing baseball and work.  Be watching for any eggs or fruits or vegetables that we may have for sale!

Blessings.  Lynnette

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