I Need to Work Out!

I really think I need to start working out.  Although I’m not entirely sure that it will completely help all my problem.  My rear end hurts too!

I decided to get a late season deer permit and try my hand at deer hunting.  Brent had the pleasure (HA!) of being my guide.  I have been wanting to try deer hunting for a couple of years now but this year I found an added benefit of going out to sit and watch for the deer.


I found that when I went out hunting, I enjoyed being in God’s beauty.  I also found I could achieve getting outside of my own head!  I was so concentrated on watching for deer and it was so quite that for those few hours, my mind was not racing.

I didn’t get a deer this year but I did love going out!  We will have to see if I still love it when I have to do all the work of cleaning my deer!


We also attended our local high school basketball game.  Which means stairs, so I carry Cade up the stairs to get to our seats that we like to sit in.  It is near Cade’s friends and that section of the bleachers has a back rest.  Win/win!!

The downside to that is there is not parking anywhere near the school and all of the handicap stalls were already taken so Brent dropped us off and went to park the car.  But leaving the game, I didn’t want to fight the traffic to get back into the parking lot so I gave Cade a piggy back ride to the car.  It really wasn’t that far away but definitely too far for Cade to walk and especially in the cold weather.

But I definitely noticed how out of shape I am after that adventure!

So after several attempts of trying to get my deer and a high school basketball game, we started our basketball tournaments for Cole this weekend.  If you have never been to a tournament like this, you show up for your game and sit in the bleachers.  Then you follow along the bracket and wait until the next game.  Usually at a minimum one hour in between.


What do you do with that hour or more break?  Why you sit some more of course!  I usually bring some sort of work I need to do.  But, depending on location of the tournament, you may or may not have an area to that would allow for that.  I also bring something to read with me.

This tournament brought forth a new added challenge for us.  Stairs!!!  The only way for us to get to the far court was to either hurry past the game going on in the close court or to climb the stairs to go up and over to the other side.  We attempted one of each.


Grandma and Papa came along to watch Cole’s games too so they left before the third game and took Cade with them.  Which was great! We had a 2 hour break between our second and third game and I think that Cade would have been too exhausted by that point.

I am pretty exhausted just thinking back on our last week!  I need to start working out.  Ugh!!

Blessings.  Lynnette

4 thoughts on “I Need to Work Out!

  1. We should start a group for women who need to work out but have a hard time getting their motor going. I love reading your journey. Last Wednesday at the Sun Theater was awesome. So blessed to be there.

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