We Did It!!

A HUGE thank you goes out to you guys!!  We surpassed our goal of 100 shirts ordered!!  We are so excited and can’t wait to be able to make a generous donation to Make A Wish.  The orders should be in around Valentine’s Day so deliveries and shipping will occur soon after.

Last night was archery night and I finally got a few pictures.  Cade is really enjoying archery.  I am so happy that we have found a hobby that he can do with Brent and Cole and that can be done in the winter also.  I feel like we are getting a handle on summertime hobbies for Cade, but we are still struggling with winter hobbies.

An obstacle with DMD is keeping Cade active but not over work him.  Winter makes that obstacle even harder.  Cade loves to be outside but when there is snow on the ground, it makes it a LOT harder to keep Cade from falling.

Cade is a pretty high fall risk so he ends up not being on his feet when he goes trudging through the snow.  We have to watch pretty closely to make sure that he hasn’t fallen.  So then we look for inside activities but most of those leave out the activity.  So we are continuing to try to figure out activities for Cade.

Today I was watching our recorded episode of Fixer Upper from yesterday.  It was an amazing episode featuring the Tim Tebow Foundation and Make A Wish.  You should really check it out.  But the thing that really hit closest to home for me was that the dad just wanted his boys to be able to be boys.  And that is what we want for Cade.  To be able to live as normally as possible for as long as possible.

But sometimes this can be hard as we try to figure out the limitations and as Cade learns his boundaries.  Sometimes we forget that he is still “just a boy” who wants to play outside and hang out with his friends.  So sometimes we stumble as we try to allow Cade to live a mostly normal life.

While we advocate for Cade’s normal life, we also want to make sure that we are helping raise awareness.  Awareness of MD, awareness of living a life with a disability, and awareness of the possibilities out there despite the disability.

I am still clinging to the verse Jeremiah 29:11.  This verse allows me to move forward even on the bad days.  And I have had a few recently.  But with spring approaching with its reminder of new growth, I am looking for ways I can grow.  I want to grow in my spiritual walk.  I also want to grow in my blogging skills.  I have a list that could go on and on.  But for now, I will work on my spiritual walk and on my blogging skills.

I am so blessed that you are willing to read my ramblings.  When I first felt the nudge to start this blog, my thought was that it would probably be family that read it.  I have been blown away by the numbers of people that it says visit my blog.  God works in the most amazing ways.  He took a mom who never once had the dream to be a writer and asked her to share her story.  I just hope that our story shows God’s goodness and love.

Blessings.  Lynnette


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