Finding Balance

This past weekend, Brent and I went away for our annual couples weekend.  We started this tradition several years ago.  We feel it is very important for our marriage.

We make sure to enrich our spiritual walk and the next thing on our priority list is to nourish our marital relationship.  So we scheduled our weekend and away we went.  I am so glad we did too.

We have always enjoyed our weekend away, but this is the first time we had left since Cade’s diagnosis.  Our circumstances were different.  We were different.  We have been forever changed by Cade’s diagnosis.

So this year, this trip had an even bigger impact.  It was a much needed getaway.  We came back refreshed and ready to tackle projects.  Which was good because we have a lot to squeeze in to these next few weeks.

We are having a fundraiser dinner and silent auction for our church to make the church handicap accessible.  We are praying for a great turnout.  It will greatly benefit Cade.  You can head on over to the Banner Methodist Church Fundraising page on Facebook and check out the silent auction items and bid even if you can’t attend the actual event.

We also have Parent Teacher Conferences this week.  This will only be the second one since diagnosis.  It is hard to know what to expect and we are all, Cade included, trying to find our new normal.

At the end of the month, we also head back out to Denver for clinic days.  Cade will have both a cardiology clinic appointment and a neuromuscular clinic appointment.  They are long, but necessary days.  At the cardiology clinic, Cade will have an ultrasound of the heart and another EKG.  Then we will see if there has been much decline at his neuromuscular clinic.

So Brent and I definitely needed the time.  And we may need another mom and dad vacation after this month!!

Blessings.  Lynnette

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