Better Days Are Coming

This last week has been a lot of ups and downs at our house. I have been trying to figure out what to write about and what not to write about.

Cade has done pretty well for all of it but I have not been doing as well. We are starting to get pretty busy and managing schedules has become a little tricky. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed.

And then the blizzard hit. Since it is calving time that meant Brent needed to work extra hours. I am about 3 weeks overdue on grocery shopping too so that meant I would need to wait another week.

But the biggest change occurred just the other day. We brought home Cade’s wheelchair. This change didn’t upset me in the way most people would think though. We actually asked for the orders to get a wheelchair.

When I went to load the wheelchair into the car, I realized just how much room the chair takes in the back of the car. It’s going to take some creativity to fit it and anything else in the back of the car.

And I need to start thinking through where to store everything in our house. Because right now my dining room has been taken over by all kinds of things that don’t belong in a dining room. If the weather would decide that it truly is spring that would help a ton.

But while I was worrying about all these things, Cade was excited to get his wheelchair. He has been trying to figure out how to do wheelies in it. He even wants his friend to show him how to do it.

The wheelchair has even been farm tested. He has taken it out to do chicken chores for the last 2 days. And while I have been focusing on all the problems that I see with the chair, Cade has been focusing on the freedom and fun that the wheelchair provides for him.

So I need to take a lesson from Cade and leave the worries of tomorrow alone and focus on the positive.

We are also doing another order of shirts with the proceeds going to PPMD. If you didn’t get one last time but would like one, let me know.

Blessings. Lynnette

2 thoughts on “Better Days Are Coming

  1. One day at a step at a time..Sending loving thoughts and continued prayers for Cade and all the family..Cade is very blessed to have an awesome family.


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