Crazy Days

Since Friday, I think that you can label our house “The Crazy Farm”.  With the delay of spring, all kinds of things are behind schedule on the farm.  So on Friday, we branded a small group of our calves.  This meant the boys and Brent went to do the branding along with the help of some friends and neighbors and I stayed home and cooked supper for our impromptu neighborhood block party.


While I was prepping for our supper and waiting for the boys to get home from school, I heard a familiar sound coming from the back porch.  I went to investigate and sure enough, one of our cats was having babies on the back porch.  The mama cat was not very protected so while I continued to prepare for supper, I was now babysitting a first time mama cat.

Cade gets off the bus to discover that his cat is having kittens on the back porch and begins to panic.  He begs me to keep watch so that he can go to the branding.  So I watch the mama and her new kittens and discover that she finally moved them to someplace a little more protected.  So Cade was content for the time being and we served supper and got ready for bed.

The next morning we participated in the Walk for Life benefiting the Women’s Resource Center in the neighboring town.  The Women’s Resource Center provides help and services for women with a pregnancy crisis.  They also provide services for fathers too along with learn to earn classes.  It is a ministry that our family holds very close to our hearts and have participated in for several years now.


So I loaded up the boys on Saturday morning and drove into town to participate in the walk.  This is the first time we have done this walk since Cade’s diagnosis.  So this year instead of riding his bike, Cade rode in his wheelchair while I pushed him.  He was disappointed that I would not run while pushing him the 2 mile length of the walk.  I however, was just glad that I didn’t roll backwards down the one hill that we climb during the walk!

After the walk, we ran back home and Cole prepared for another branding with Brent while Cade prepared for a birthday party that included a sleepover.  Cade was very excited for this party.  We are so blessed by Cade’s friends and their families.  He was able to be a normal 10 year old boy for one day and for that I am grateful.

Meanwhile, I had to mow the lawn, work on the coop, and try to catch up with the weather that has now decided to cooperate.  I worked outside until I was exhausted and then came inside to try to accomplish a few things inside also.

Then my twin nieces turned 4 on Sunday so we had a party for them to attend.  But before we went to their party, we worked more on the coop and within the next few days, we should be able to turn the chickens out in their pen.  Cade is very excited for this!

Monday was the boys’ track meet day.  I had taken the day off of work to be able to attend the meet.  But before the boys could get on the bus, Cade realized that another one of our cats was having babies and she didn’t want to take care of them at all.  And so the scramble was on to lock her somewhere with the baby and hope for the best as Brent had to leave for work and I had to go to the track meet.  The boys did great and had a lot of fun.

I, however, did not think that I would be on the emotional roller coaster that I was though.  The track meets have always been hard for Cade.  So I was pleased when this year he would not be required to compete in a running event.  I just didn’t also realize that it would hit me hard to know that Cade wouldn’t have to do a running event.  A lot of emotions also hit me because now we know why running was so hard for him.  Good thing track meets are outside and you can wear sunglasses!!

Today we continue with baseball practice for Cole and 4-H shooting sports practice for both boys.  And so busy season is in full swing at the farm.  We will finish up the coop, the raised garden, brand the rest of the calves, and have graduations to attend the rest of this week.  Wish me luck that I survive!

Blessings.  Lynnette

One thought on “Crazy Days

  1. It amazes me how our loving GOD gives us strength to push on, when we think we no longer have the energy. I know he is doing this for you!! My prayers continue for you and your family 😊 (((HUGS)))


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