More New Normals

Tomorrow starts vacation bible school for our church. Due to a lack of kids our church stopped hosting VBS about 10-12 years ago. But a few years ago, another country church asked us to join forces with them for VBS. Since that time both Cade and Cole have went to this VBS every summer.

This year, however, will be different. This year Cade does not want to go. The reason why he doesn’t want to go is his DMD. It just makes too long of days for him. He has always enjoyed himself at VBS but this year I can’t even talk him into attending one day.

So this will be something new for him. We have been encouraging for him to put himself out there. But I am also glad that he is starting to recognize better things that may make him tired. Almost everyday this week, we also have something in the evening so he will need to conserve his energy.

He is really excited though for the baseball game of Coke’s tomorrow night. Cole’s team got him a jersey to be a part of the team even though he can’t play.

He was so excited to get his own jersey that he even wants to take his glove to help his teammates warm up. We are so abundantly blessed to live the community that we do!

He also wants to conserve his energy for his garden and chickens. I’ll try to get pictures this week of him out in both the garden and with the chickens. He is so in love with both of these hobbies!

We also have shooting sports for 4-H and more baseball and a haircut all this week too. Should be a great week!

Blessings. Lynnette

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