School Days Daze

img_3051Well we have survived our first 3 days back at school.  Cole is loving Junior High.  He is especially proud of the fact that he has only been locked out of his locker once!  He loves going from class to class and can’t wait for football to start.  We will revisit this once the running for football has commenced!

Cade is reluctantly starting to admit he likes his class.  He won’t admit that he might even like school though.  He has a pretty great teacher.  The first day of school he was pouting and I asked him if everything at school went good for the day.  He said yes but kept pouting.  When I asked him why he said that he didn’t like school and didn’t want to go.  Nothing happened there but he just wanted to not have to go.  By the end of the hour though, he was telling me about different things that they did during the day.  I told Brent that night that it was going to be really hard for Cade to continue to convince us that he doesn’t want to go to school.

We are so blessed by our amazing school system that it makes this transition so much easier.  Cade’s teacher contacted me to set up a meeting so that everyone can help Cade have a successful year.  I just love that our school has such amazing teachers that really do want the best for all of their students.  I told them I was also willing to go in and talk to the 5th grade about Cade’s DMD.  We are planning that for sometime in the near future.

On the farm, we are now up to 28 chickens (with 4 more to come), 13 cats, 3 raised garden beds, and the garden in the ground.  To add to the homestead we have going on, we have now purchased a greenhouse.  The greenhouse kit arrived on Wednesday, but scheduling has not allowed for me to start putting it together yet.  That is my plan for this weekend.  I will update with pictures once I get it out of the box!

We are also gearing up for our 6 month clinic check up in Denver.  Plus September is Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month and on September 7, it is Duchenne Awareness Day.  We are trying to figure out some things to do in September.  We are asking that on September 7, everyone that has a Cade’s Journey shirt or hat wear them to support.  This also happens to be his clinic day!!

Well, I need to start working on a few of the things we have going on right now so stay turned for more information about September events and the reminder about September 7!

Blessings.  Lynnette

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