Stirring Things Up

Today is Sunday and it is turning out to be one of those lazy Sunday’s that I love and crave. It seems like the craziness of back to school and junior high football combined with everything we have going on at home, I long for lazy Sunday’s even more. So while my to do list is growing ever longer, I am taking the time to reflect on a few things today.

Our sermon at church was about knowing that God’s gift is already in you and you just need to stir it up. Our pastor commented that his biggest fear was answering the question by God of “What did you do with the gifts I gave you?” And I realized that I need to stir some things up and figure out how to glorify God with my gifts.

For a year now we have been focused on Cade and his care since diagnosis. While we still need to focus on that, I have been feeling more recently a stirring that I am ignoring a gift from God. While I haven’t voiced this “calling” out loud to anyone yet, not even Brent, today’s sermon is making me realize I may need to pay more attention to it.

You see God gives us these gifts but it is up to us to stir them up and turn them into something. God gives us our gifts wrapped up in dirt. We have to stir the dirt around and make something out of them. And so while it is a lazy Sunday, I also have the time to think through how I see this gift playing out and bring it back to God and ask Him if this is how He wants me to bring Him the glory.

My original plan for today was to get the greenhouse put together. And when I began to think about the greenhouse it brought my mind back to today’s sermon. Because of Cade’s diagnosis, we began exploring his gifts. We began seeking out options in Cade’s passions. And so we now have chickens, a large garden and a greenhouse. We wanted Cade to feel like he was living up to his potential. We wanted him to feel useful.

But on the back burner, Brent and I’s passions were placed. So now is time to rediscover those, along with some new ones that have come about from Cade’s diagnosis. So wish me luck. I’m not completely sure how this will end up looking, but for now I am comfortable with saying to God, “Is this the best way to glorify You with my gift?”

Blessings. Lynnette

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