Field Trip Day

Today was a field trip day in the 5th grade. This was a field trip that wasn’t even on my radar at the beginning of the school year. Today the kids rode their bikes to the cemetery about 1 1/2 miles away…up hill from the school.

Our school is amazing though and they offer a van to take students that may not have a bike or may not be able to make the trip on their bike. But Cade wanted to ride a bike like some of his closest friends. And that means that someone else had to ride his tandem bike with him.

So I said yes that I would take him on the bike. He was so excited. This is us before we left. The after picture was not pretty. I don’t think I was still smiling.

Cade kept wanting me to go faster. I told him this was as fast as I could go and still live! But he had a great day because I could do this for him.

But when we got back, every single muscle in my body was screaming at me…including my heart which took what seemed like forever to start beating at a normal pace again. Even my diaphragm hurt from me sucking wind, both literally and figuratively, so much.

And then I got to thinking that this is what Cade feels like every single day of his life. His muscles are always screaming at him. So maybe today he benefited from being like the rest of his class on a bike ride. But I also think that today I gained some more insight into his daily struggles.

And for that I am thankful for my demanding muscles right now.

Blessings. Lynnette

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