Fall is Here

We have been busy with all things fall right now at our house. Harvest got off to a good start and then the rain has set in and brought it to a stop. But while it was going, Cade was totally involved.

He would walk in the door after school and the first thing out of his mouth would be “I need to call dad so I can go pick!”. He wouldn’t even let the door finish opening! He was ready to go.

It does take a little extra effort on our part to get him to ride though. Brent comes by in the semi after I pack him snacks. We have to lift him onto the step of the semi and then boost him from below as he climbs the next step and gets in the cab. Then they are off to the field to join up with the combine.

We are abundantly blessed to have such a caring farmer for Brent to work for. He packs Cade a supper and knows that Cade will be coming to ride with him as soon as he can. Then it takes the same kind of effort to climb into the combine. But Cade loves every minute he spends helping harvest!

I wish I had some pictures of this whole process but maybe I’ll get some when they get back into the fields.

Then we have also been working on getting the gardens ready for the winter. Cade has been patiently waiting for the freeze so we could pick the pumpkins. They are huge and the couple we are keeping to both Brent and I to lift them.

We will be trying to grow some again next year. Hopefully we will catch them early enough that we can sit them up on their bottom so they can grow more round. We have learned something from each thing we tried this year in the garden.

We have also been busy with junior high football this year with Cole. The boys had a great season and it was fun to watch them play and grow as a team.

Today was a nice day so I also got my tulip and crocus bulbs planted. We are getting more stuff set up in the greenhouse too. We are going to try growing some lettuce for most of the winter. The variety we got is pretty cold hardy.

We put a pipe in the ground to try to take advantage of some geothermal heating in the nighttime this winter. We are excited to see how it goes! I’ll keep you updated.

Blessings. Lynnette

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