Giving Thanks

Today was a cold, snowy day. Outside chores were kept to a minimum since none of us really wanted to be outside.  So I started the day by making our next blend of wax melts and making our first attempt at a candle.  I hope they turn out well.

 Wax melts perfect for Thanksgiving.

We named this scent blend “Thanksgiving Blessings”.  As we try out new scents, I am going to have to work on my naming game because neither boy show any interest in that.  They do love helping with the actual making of the wax melts and candles though.  

I am thankful that we are finding these hobbies for Cade that are great for days like today. The days would be too long if we didn’t find things like these to work on.

If anyone is interested in smelling or purchasing any of the wax melts we have already done, let me know.  Also we will be in need of small jars for our candles.  If anyone local has any, we will gladly pick them up. 

While those were finishing setting up, the boys and Brent began cutting the deer so we could process the meat.  It is a long job but always so worth it in the end.  We worked on Cade’s deer today and have Cole’s deer still left to do.  First all the boys went over and skinned the deer and cut the meat away from the bones.

Then we start cube the meat for stew meat and begin the process of that.  We also set aside all meat that is still good but not for stew meat to be ground for jerky.  After learning something every year for the last couple of years, the meat is coming out in nice pieces which yields a lot of stew meat.

Brent is becoming a master at cutting deer meat!

Cade even helped with this part a little bit.

His favorite part to help with though is the grinding of the meat.  So after we had cut almost all of the meat, we turned Cole and Cade loose with the grinder.  They do a good job and they like to do it so it is a win/win situation.

Now it will be on to making the jerky, but that can be done over several days.  Right now we will be happy with the stew meat being canned and one deer is officially processed!

We are thankful that we are able to hunt and turn that meat into something valuable for us at home. We enjoy the meat we get from our hunts.

Blessings.  Lynnette

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