A Tale of Two Bucks

It has been a wild couple of days. While I was anxiously waiting for some good news from the hunters, I decided that I should bake some cookies. I mean isn’t that what every mom does while waiting to hear from her hunters?!?

Not long after I wrote the blog post and as i was putting the last pan of cookies in the oven, I got a call that Cole had shot a buck. A BIG buck! So I gathered some cookies for the crew and headed out the door to go see the buck.

We got over to the deer at the same time that Cade and Brent were coming in from their hunt. Cade struck out but Cole’s buck was a nice size.

Cade was determined to go again after school and so he was going to go out with Papa. Cade can’t hunt like normal hunters so we have made adaptations so he can hunt. And for that little bit of time he is out there hunting he gets to be a normal boy.

Today he got his buck. Brent has his hands full trying to keep up with these boys. Cade’s deer is nice one also.

And for a brief moment in time, Cade was not the weak one. Cade was on equal ground with all his peers. And the smile on his face lifts all the weight off our shoulders if only for a brief moment.

So now we will move our focus to processing the meat. We will also have to figure out how to get Care to sleep tonight with all that excitement.

Blessings. Lynnette

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Bucks

  1. A moving story! I too am a mother of boys that go deer hunting. Elk and antelope, the kids, quail and etc. The only difference is I had five son’s and no one with a crippling disease.
    Two of my son’s are no longer with us. One was killed in a car/train accident. The other was one of my twin boys who died if colon cancer three years ago when he was 50 years old. These hunting memories when they were young are very precious to me! Hang on to your memories as they are precious!


  2. That’s really great, but what happened to the cookies. I often think of your family and especially of Cade. He is an amazing young man.


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