Basketball and Archery

The boys have gone back to school and a routine has started to take a little shape at our house. School is going, we’ve went to the Make a Wish Christmas party, we’ve started basketball, and we started archery league.

The Make a Wish Christmas party was held the first weekend of January and Cole actually got to go with us this year. The boys made gingerbread houses, did a few other crafts, and we go to see some of our friends that we have made through this organization.

Then basketball has started for Cole. He is loving it even with 6:00 a.m. practices! Mom and Dad are learning to adjust to more trips to town and remembering which days are early practice and which ones are late. It seems like I’m never quite sure how many boys are getting on or off the bus!

Cole has now had one game and a jamboree. The jamboree is more like a scrimmage against other schools which is a great way to get some exposure for the season. The regular season started on Tuesday evening.

Cade gets to be student manager for Cole’s team even though the early morning practices are not a possibility for him. I help him get dressed in the mornings and he needs his sleep so we only let him go to after school practices, but he is there at every game and practice he can be, cheering on his team!

The best reaction we have seen is when we showed him the roster for the game on Tuesday night. The smile on his face was one I will treasure for a long time.

This may seem like a small thing to most people, but to the boy who will never be listed in the sports pages, this was a huge deal. We absolutely love our community and the way they have embraced Cade. The other boys help him in so many ways and I don’t worry about him feeling excluded. The other student manager even pushed Cade from one gym to the other gym at the jamboree.

We have also started archery league on Sunday evenings. This is something all 4 of us are doing and it is going good. Cade shoots his bow from his wheelchair and does a pretty good job that way. He gets pretty tired by the end of the night but he can take breaks in between rounds so that works well.

Cole shoots from 20 yards and really likes it. He does need new arrows since he has grown a lot taller than the last time we had purchased him arrows.

Brent is going to need some new arrows too. He destroyed one of his arrows by shooting another one directly on the first one. It’s pretty impressive to do that I think. But right now, I’m just happy to make sure I hit only my target! Brent’s target was right next to mine and a couple of times I aimed at his target and shot my arrow there!

We have basketball again tonight and then it will be on to the weekend. Hopefully the weather predictions keep getting warmer instead of the original forecast high of 11 degrees!

Blessings. Lynnette

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