Future Plans

I’ve realized a couple of things recently. One is that we are living a pretty normal life right now.

We are truly blessed to have such amazing friends and a supportive community. Cade really wanted to go watch his buddies play basketball last weekend. Their tournament was in Cambridge which is about an hour away.

While we realize the extra amount of help that Cade needs with things like stairs and walking through snow and on uneven ground, we rarely think about others assisting with this part of our new normal. I was thinking about how we could manage to get Cade down to Cambridge to be able to watch a game or two. However, some very gracious friends offered to take him to the tournament, ALL DAY LONG!

I have to admit, I was hesitant at first, but Cade was so excited to go that I chose to let him lead me. I agreed to let him go and dropped him off Saturday morning. I told his friend’s mom that if there was any trouble, just let me know and we would figure it out. I then drove away a big ol’ hot mess! I had come up with at least 5 different scenarios where we would need to come to Cade’s rescue.

That was not necessary though. And when that family brought him home in the early evening, Cade was just as excited about it all as he was when I dropped him off. And that family unloaded Cade’s wheelchair and Cade like it was their normal too. And just like that I knew that the next time Cade wanted to do something like this, it would be so much easier for me!

Then the other day I was talking with a friend about the different crafting adventures we have taken on and those that we are planning to attempt. I was talking about how each of these ventures are something we can adapt for Cade as his needs change and they also could become a potential ag business venture. We chatted some more and when he left, a realization hit me.

I was now thinking past DMD and thinking about Cade’s future in terms of productivity and plans and goals rather than his diagnosis!

This is the first time that I have really thought too much about Cade’s future. It has always been too painful for me in the past. But I have been continually praying the scripture of Jeremiah 29:11. And I think that God is healing my heart for Cade’s future. I know there is more to the story and I can’t wait to see it unfold. While these plans are not my original plans for Cade, they are ones that I am putting my whole trust in!

And just like that we are finding a normal balance to life with God’s help.

Blessings. Lynnette

One thought on “Future Plans

  1. I often tell my friends when challenging things arise in their lives that there is always a new normal. One we do become accustomed to . Sounds like you are getting there. Good news for all of you. 🙂


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