Clinic Week is Here

This week is clinic week. The week I dread the most. We start with cardiology and end with muscle clinic day. This time we also have a neuropsych test. This test will help with school and how Cade is able to process his learning.

The cardiology visit sets me on edge each time. I’m not as familiar with all the terms and medicines. Plus heart disease is something that runs in my family a bit too. So I just keep praying that I don’t snap at anyone before the week is over.

Cade’s scooter came last week though so we are learning a new routine with that. Our whole goal is keeping Cade living a life as normally as possible for as long as possible. With that being said, we are trying to figure out how to include the scooter with minimal disruption to his normal routine. So we are trying out a plan that includes me driving Cade to school on Monday mornings and picking him up on Friday afternoons. He can continue to ride the same bus with Cole this way.

The one thing I am looking forward to with this trip is actually seeing Brent for more than 30 minutes in a stretch. Calving season has started out pretty rough. The weather this year has been brutal. Brent has only came to bed for about 6 hours in the last week! While I’m not looking forward to clinic and hospital food, I will enjoy being able to visit with Brent.

If anyone wears green or their Cade’s Journey shirts on Wednesday through Friday we would love to see them. We have to be at the clinic all 3 days and Cade loves when I show him all the support he is receiving!

Blessings. Lynnette

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