Happy Birthday Cade!

Today is Cade’s birthday and it is one he should definitely remember. The weather here is something I can’t remember seeing before.

The road by our house had water crossing it before the rain even came. It got warm enough to melt the snow and melt it did! There is just nowhere for the water to go. We are definitely blessed that we did not receive much snow but the wind today is just miserable.

They cancelled school and I am blessed with a job that allows me the flexibility to stay home with the boys today. So while I am listening to the wind blow, I am still inside my nice warm house and we didn’t even lose power! Plus we had clinic last week and the weather was great. I told Brent yesterday that I sure was glad we weren’t driving to or stuck in Denver this week.

But back to Cade’s Birthday. I can’t believe he is 11 already! Everyday I am amazed by his attitude towards life and the things that I know are getting harder for him to accomplish. While he does fear being different than his friends and we try to keep things as normal for him as possible, he and his friends find ways to take all his changes in stride and even make them fun!

I let the boys pick their meals for supper on their birthday. Cade has picked ribs and I am trying to work up the motivation to be excited to go out and cook the ribs on the grill. He has also had quite the wishlist for his birthday and I just smile to think about the diversity of it. His wishes ranged from sweaters for his chickens and a coat for the calves to a Chromebook!

He is playing with his brother right now and the fighting hasn’t been too bad. Not every kid gets school cancelled for their birthday! And so I look at all these things and smile because while the worries of DMD are still there, we can take the day to just enjoy a birthday that is as unique as the boy!

Blessings. Lynnette

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