Spring Has FINALLY Arrived!!

After what seemed like an unendingly long and cold winter, spring has appeared to have taken the upper hand on the battle and is starting to win out. We’ve had many signs of spring here and Cade has been out enjoying every single one of them.

It seems like we can’t keep Cade inside these days. He longs to be roaming around the farm enjoying the weather, pets and plants. One of his favorite activities is to go check the cows with Brent. Luckily for me on Sunday I got to join in on their adventures!

Cade can recognize a cows tag number right away. He loves those cows as much as his dad does. He even helps by managing the tag bucket for Brent. It is pretty cute to witness.

Brent is so patient with Cade too. Brent is not a big talker but Cade definitely takes more after me in that area. He pretty much talks nonstop while they are out checking. Cade has his favorite ones too and keeps an extra vigilant eye out for them.

Then after we checked all the cows we went to the last night of archery league for the year. Cade was enjoying the weather too much to want to go but he still had to go. He shot his best score too!

He did so well with archery this year. We signed him up not knowing if he would be able to finish out the year or not. We just wanted to give him the chance to try. We will forever cherish this family activity that we were able to enjoy this year.

And then today the baby chicks arrived. My phone rang this morning telling me I had a very noisy package to pick up at the post office. I brought them home and we will work this evening to get their new home set up.

And I realized this morning as I was excited to drive the noisy little chicks home that I love our life that we have built. I could not have ever imagined that this is the life that I would want but it has become even more than that.

This is the life I NEEDED.

Had I not had this life, I would have never had the opportunity to see God’s goodness, mercy and blessings so blatantly everyday. With spring arriving, we can see his promise in new calves and new plants and especially new chicks. But with those promises comes risk. Animals can get sick and die.

The same goes for us too. God’s promises are wonderful. His mercy and love for us amaze me everyday. But it isn’t always easy. There are risks. Satan is constantly trying to get us to focus on those risks rather than the rewards. He says to us how can God be so powerful and loving if there are risks.

But we must remember to turn to scripture for our answer. It says that there will be trouble. And it says that we have the free will to choose. God doesn’t want us to be slaves to Him. He wants us to be heirs. And that is so much greater.

So I will choose to focus on the rewards rather than the risk. I will choose to endure the bad times knowing that our God loves us. I will look towards the finish line but continue to enjoy the blessings along our journey. That is something I am learning from Cade this spring as I watch his excitement for all things new.

Blessings. Lynnette

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