Taking Advantage

We have grabbed hold of the nice days we have been having and started running around our farm trying to accomplish a multitude of projects. This weekend was nice weather so we jumped right in and got to work.

Our Saturdays this spring have been filled with trap shooting for Cole. So far the weather has been less than ideal. We have been fortunate that with the cooler weather we have been able to leave Cade with Grandma and Papa. But with the nice weather predicted, I decided that Cade should attend one meet.

We get up and leave pretty early in the morning, but I thought Cade would enjoy the time outdoors so we took him and his scooter with us. Cole’s nerves get to him when we get down there and he doesn’t shoot as well as he can, but he is doing pretty amazing at his first year of this.

I have also been taking advantage of our traveling every Saturday and have been doing online grocery shopping. I have been using the pickup option from Walmart and Hy-Vee and absolutely love it. It will be an adjustment to going back to not being able to grocery shop by the week. I usually do once a month grocery shopping and will go back to this way after trap is over.

Then when we got back to town after trap, Cade and I had a date night with the Dancing with the Stars fundraiser for the community theater. They are trying to get the lobby and bathrooms to be handicap accessible and this is a cause that speaks to our hearts. Cade loves it last year and this year was met with the same enthusiasm and results. It is a win-win situation for us.

Sunday was another nice day and while we were working I know that we were all taking notice of our many blessings. We very much love our simple lifestyle and while there are many things that are made difficult thanks to DMD, we couldn’t imagine doing life differently. Cade loves all things animal and green so we are blessed with the ability to have an abundance of both on the farm.

We are trying starting a variety of seeds this year instead of going with all plants like last year. If they all take hold and grow well, we might even have a few plants for sale. We got our tomato and pepper seeds planted on Sunday and plans for starting our cool season plants soon. They are predicting snow for our area so I may wait until next weekend to get those planted.

We are also trying to get the roof put on the chicken pen. The pen is well covered from cold northern winds but there is no shade there. The roof will offer the girls some much needed protection from the sun.

All in all it was a great weekend and we are preparing for all our favorite hobbies and adventures this summer. I can’t wait to see what more the nice weather brings!

Blessings. Lynnette

One thought on “Taking Advantage

  1. So glad you could enjoy the nice weather and that Cade could go along to Doniphan! My son and grandson both shot trap on the Gothenburg team, so I spent many Saturdays there😊 Cole, the best advice that I can give you about shooting is to relax and have fun. Your scores will come up as you are able to relax!! I love the sign on the chicken pen😊


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