A BIG Reveal

We have been keeping a little secret from the boys for a couple of weeks now. This weekend’s trip was to reveal that secret.

It all started when Cade came to stay with Amber and Micah. While there, he met a coworker of Micah’s, Melissa Brown, who is a board member of the Heartland DSC. She was telling Cade about the Action Trackchair their club had purchased to loan out to youth with disabilities to allow them to enjoy the outdoors!

So Amber helped Cade write up a request to possibly use that chair during deer season. And then Cade came back home and we went on getting ready for school. And the Heartland DSC turned Cade’s hope to have greater mobility for deer season and turned it into so much more.

We received a phone call that told Brent and I about the desire to send Cade on an elk hunt in New Mexico with the chair! And we began to make a plan to get Cade’s hunter safety course taken so we could head east for the big reveal! You can watch the reveal video here.

We are so amazed by the kindness and generosity of Melissa Brown, Corey Goss, Chuck Kopocis, Kim Gibson, and the Heartland DSC! Today was such an amazing day. Anyone interested in using the Action Trackchair can get in touch with any of these members and fill out the paperwork. They really want everyone to have the opportunity to get outdoors! Hiking, fishing, hunting or whatever you may want to do outdoors it are limited by mobility issues! They are an amazing group to work with.

Cade was able to take some time getting used to the chair. They even arranged for him to shoot from the chair so we could figure out the adjustments needed to be made. I’ve posted all the videos to our YouTube channel and included the links so you can go directly to them.

We feel extremely blessed and can’t wait to go on the hunt!

Blessings. Lynnette

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