Back to School

Tomorrow we will have one week of school officially under our belt. I have also come to learn that I and Cade have a great deal of anxiety about back to school.

I hesitated writing this too soon because our school system is amazing and the staff is top notch! I didn’t want to distract from that but I think every mom of a kiddo with special needs knows the anxiety I am talking about.

We knew Cade was going to need some extra help this year. It is becoming more difficult for him to walk although he still can. His back is so arched that it makes it really difficult for him. So I knew that he would rely more heavily on his scooter.

We also knew that Cade would need his scooter at home every day this year instead of leaving it at school for the week. And although we knew these things, voicing those concerns causes anxiety. It almost felt like admitting defeat. Plus school kinda snuck up on us and I did not plan far enough ahead of time.

Even with my poor planning our school was more than accommodating on everything! We had a bussing plan by the end of the first day of school. All other needs were in place by the beginning of the first day. This meant that the school had one day where they got this together for us!! I cannot say enough about how awesome they are!

Yep! I still make Cole take a bus picture. He’s not driving quite yet!

But Cade has shown so much determination since starting back to school. He has decided to attempt transfers more often than I thought he would. He has adjusted to a new bus schedule and really likes his bus driver. Everything is going pretty well.

And I am continuing to try to rid myself of all the anxiety that had built up in me. We are taking a little family trip this weekend and I am hoping for feeling relaxed and ready for the week ahead when we get back.

Blessings. Lynnette

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