What Happened??

It’s hard to believe it is November. I just looked and it’s been over 2 weeks since I last wrote a post. One would think that maybe we haven’t been that busy. However it seems that we haven’t sat still for very long!

So many great things have been happening for Cade and our family and we have been savoring every moment that we can. Cade’s elk hunt provided us with a new protein for us to try. We have made elk spaghetti, elk Salisbury steak, elk meatloaf, elk lasagna, and an elk roast. All have been approved as something we should try again. I think Cade would eat elk spaghetti every day if I would let him!

Junior high football came to an end. Next year will be high school! Cole had a great time and they even had some pretty decent wins.

Then the lift at the church was installed and operational. This made the church fully accessible for Cade and others. The bathrooms still need a little work but the major problem of a lift was now taken care of. Cade was so excited to go to church! He now can get around and play with the kids no matter where they go! To the sanctuary, to the basement or outside!!

Our church also hosted its annual Lord’s Acre Day dinner. I made kolaches to sell. Shortly before that I was reminded that since farmers market had ended I hadn’t been baking as much. Apparently Brent is feeling a little neglected. So I decided I should remember that I did offer to carry on my baked goods throughout the year. I’m just not sure as to how best to handle that. I’ll continue to think on that but anyone local that needs any baked goods, I am available!

I think that may have got you all up to date as to the ongoings of our family. It’s been a whirl with harvest sprinkled in there too. Cade still loves to ride in the combine. We can get him in there but it takes a little more work on my part this year. I’ll do it for as long as I can though.

Oh and Brent got his deer! So now we are processing it but it is so worth it. We definitely live a simpler, slower lifestyle although you couldn’t tell it by how much we have been going recently!

Blessings. Lynnette

One thought on “What Happened??

  1. Great deer brent, I am with cade elk spaghetti sounds amazing actually. Congrats cole on a good jr. High football season. Lynette you can send baked goods to the goss house anytime you want 🤗
    Your friends from heartland dsc,


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