Heartland DSC is All HEART

We have been abundantly blessed by the people and organizations that we have come into contact with since Cade’s diagnosis. The Heartland DSC is definitely one of our many blessings.

This organization’s mission is all about getting youth outdoors. And the greatest thing for us is that they have also made youth with disabilities a priority too! This group fundraised and purchased an action Trackchair for anyone with a disability to apply to use to help them do outdoor activities. This can be anything like hunting, fishing, hiking or even school field trips.

Cade wrote a story about what how he hoped to use the chair. He really wanted to use it to be able to go deer hunting in the hills with his dad and papa. But this group took this hope of his and turned it into so much more. This group is the reason that Cade got the hunt of a lifetime.

If anyone has any needs for this chair, please check out their website here. Get in contact with one of the amazing members. They would love to help!

We are blessed to have come into contact with this organization. If we could give up Duchenne, we would in an instant. But because of Duchenne, we have come into contact with some of the most amazing people. The Heartland DSC definitely counts as some of those people that I can’t imagine not being in our lives.

Blessings. Lynnette

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