Unsung Hero

I have this other boy. He is 14 and full of sass and smells. He constantly rolls his eyes at me. He is taller than I am and thinks that he is stronger than I am.

Yet, this boy also carries a deep burden. He is the sibling of a child with special needs. And sometimes it seems like he can get lost in the shuffle. He thinks that he is not seen a lot of the time.

And yet I see him. I see his huge heart and the fact that he still hollers out “I love you” when I drop him off for activities. I see his love for others and how he never wants anyone to feel left out.

I see him searching to try to find a passion of his. I see his love of hunting and shooting. Both guns and archery. I see him have a talent that could really be developed but not wanting to push him if it isn’t his true love.

I see the way he carries more than his share of the chore load at home. Even though he is forgetful and needs to be reminded and prompted often, he still gets the job done. Sometimes he can even manage to do something without being asked.

I see him consider his brother before asking about doing activities. I see him allow his brother to hang with him and his friends. He still gets annoyed by it all but he is at least willing.

I see him turning into a fine young man. One with a strong faith and a heart for service. I watch him make sure that people are included in things that he is involved in. I see him take example from our ability to adapt situations and apply it to all circumstances.

While I see him with all of this, I pray most that he sees us. Cheering him on, praying for him, pushing him to develop his passions, and guiding him along the way so he won’t get lost. Won’t get lost to the fact that he is loved. Won’t get lost thinking that no one has time for him. Won’t get lost to the ways of the world and forget where his true identity lies.

We love you so much Cole Jay!

Blessings. Lynnette

One thought on “Unsung Hero

  1. I concur with those thoughts. As I witnessed on cades elk hunt in New Mexico. Cole was always supportive of cade on this trip. Never in a bad mood , never moping around and he sure could have. The days were long and quite boring for cole.


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