Monumental Gift

Sorry I have been absent from writing on here for a while. I was taking time to adjust to all our new changes as we had been so busy, I had just been going through the motions and not really thinking about everything that was occurring. I needed to take a step back from writing and just live out our new normal.

But part of the other reason I have not been writing is because I have wanted to share a really big secret with you but couldn’t!

We had been planning on attending the Heartland DSC convention and banquet, which was last night. The boys knew that we were coming down to the banquet but thought that we were going to talk about Cade’s elk hunt and help them raise money to send another deserving kid on a hunt.

While we were happy to do that, they didn’t realize the bigger reason we were coming down to this event. A plan was put into place not long after we got back from Cade’s elk hunt in New Mexico.

Our friends at the Heartland DSC didn’t want Cade to miss out on any future hunts or opportunities because we couldn’t get him there. Their plan was to provide Cade with his own Action Trackchair! With the help of many generous donors, one of them being Silent Ability, they were able to raise enough money to do just that!

So a plan was made on where we would set and how it would be revealed to him. We were blessed to be able to meet some more of the wonderful board members of Heartland DSC and enjoy the activities of the evening.

I have attached the link to the video of the surprise here. Please ignore the sniffling. I was trying my best to hold it together!

Blessings. Lynnette

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