All Call For Masks

This is going to be a short post. I shared this on my personal Facebook page first and now I’m going to get this message out here.

I am going to say something about masks. I hope I don’t lose any more friends over this, but I feel strongly that I need to say this. This is not a post about the political side of masks. This is not a post debating on whether or not masks work. This is not even a post about whether I feel masks should be mandated. Rather, this is a post about the personal side of masks. Most of you already know that Cade was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. With that comes watching Cade perform pulmonary function tests every 6 months knowing full well that he will not pop the balloon one day and we will take home another piece of equipment, just to allow him to cough enough to clear his lungs and prevent pneumonia.
I also recognize that this is not most people’s reality. And for that I am truly glad.
But with that being said, I am posting about masks in that I am asking that every time they are required, you wear them realizing that they give us the opportunity to be normal. Because every post that you do stating that you are educating the panicked, or that the vulnerable should just stay home, or that we are taking away your rights, please understand that you are talking about us! You have determined that your family means more to society and to God than ours. I can realize that this sounds crazy, but it does feel that way to us.
So I am asking that you look at wearing masks where required in the manner that when you do that, you are showing support for Cade. I ask that you allow us to participate in society by your support. Please where the masks in places that require them!! Doing so shows your support for Cade! And now more than ever, we can use that support.
And knowing that school is quickly approaching, I am putting out this plea in order to help the children. One thing I have learned about children and even our community is that we are amazing at supporting each other! And so I am trying to find the cheapest place to have some Cade’s Journey masks made with fast turn around time. I am hoping that I can help out some families with the mask issue for schooling for giving them a friend with a cause to support. I have attached a link to a possible mask that I am looking to purchase. The more masks we order the cheaper they get. I am hoping to be able to order enough to offer them at a price of $5 each with all the proceeds (if there are any) going to Heartland DSC as I am hoping to do a shirt fundraiser with new Cade’s Journey shirts soon. They will use that money to provide more kids with the ability to use their Action Trackchair and fulfill dreams that might go unmet. They gave Cade the gift of a lifetime in his freedom and we so wish for others to be able to feel that same way.
Please feel free to share away as I am hoping to get these ordered ASAP. Please reply either by text, direct message, or on this original post if you would like to order one and I will make a list of orders as I search out where to order these from. Thanks in advance for showing your support of Cade by wearing your mask. We truly notice it and feel the love!

The masks would look something like this.

Blessings. Lynnette

3 thoughts on “All Call For Masks

  1. Let’s share this way. If there were a tornado a mile away, I would suggest people get into underground attics or a safe place. If there was a plague (Like the black or bubonic plague.) laying waste to the people around, I would suggest everyone stays home until we get a handle on it. Here, we’re talking about 1% maximum, and probably more in line with any flu (Some figures, corrected for biases, show less than a tenth of a percent.). And like all diseases, some people are more susceptible or react with greater physical difficulties. And we know other things cause more, some far more, harm, though we don’t stay home or obsessively think about them. With all diseases, we encourage people to take steps and get help where needed. **If we all fall in line with what your alluding, we might as well stop living, for the world we’ll be entering is fear about everything and anything, for there will always be diseases, new and old, and there will be more coming over the horizon. That’s not living. That’s obsessively living in a fear society. ***There’s one more thing. There is an aspect of human nature, given enough suggestions and constant messaging that causes them to live their entire lives in a pocket of fear. It’s the children I’m most concerned about. Many haven’t begun living their own lives, and already they’re being taught to fear what they cannot see, don’t see a problem, and are being conditioned for whatever suggestions come next. That’s a fear society in progress. Who benefits from that? That’s the question.


    • I wanted to tell you that I deleted your comment because you obviously did not actually read the post. We live in a small town that is currently being hit hard by Covid and school is getting ready to start back up. I am trying to take a proactive stance so we don’t have any more community members die from this. I am not actually pro mask use all the time. We are cautious because of my son. But I do know we have a good portion of our students within our school that are also vulnerable so why not try to have a positive take on it. I only wish that instead of reading the title and telling me how I must think, you would have read the actual post and paused before questioning.


    • So I guess to use your analogy, yes we are in a tornado warning but many of our friends and family are still standing outside looking at the horizon to see the tornado instead of looking up and knowing it is right on top of us!


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