Our Next Adventure

We just wrapped up our muscle clinic trip and are currently on our way home. It was a good clinic visit and Cade is currently stable which is what we hope for.

We did get everyone excited by stating that we are back in school in person and that we have a rockstar of a school! Our providers don’t know anyone from our school but they love you all for the care that you give to Cade!

We are also planning on getting a lift for our house to assist with transferring Cade. Hopefully this will save on my shoulders and back.

One nice benefit to all the precautions we are taking for Cade with Covid meant that since we were getting takeout for meals we all didn’t have to eat at the same place. Huge benefit for my traveling crew that I have!!

So while we begin the process of determining our best fit, we are continuing to plan for our next adventure!

In October, Cade is getting the opportunity to hunt an antelope in Wyoming! He is very excited and Brent and are discussing all the necessary details. He is even going to get to hunt with his friend Pat Moore, which makes it even better to Cade.

I think I am figuring out that for Cade, hunting is a group activity like football is for other kids his age. He loves to hunt with friends and family. So if anyone ever wants to hunt or fish with him, let me know and we can get it arranged. He doesn’t even care what you are hunting. Could just even be birds in the back yard!!

So for now, we continue on the same path we are currently on and continue to look for opportunities to have some fun along the way.

Blessings. Lynnette

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