Epic Antelope Hunt

Today was a great day! Cade started bugging me this spring that he wanted to go hunting with his good friend Pat Moore. So I mentioned to his wife that Cade was wanting to hunt with Pat. So after some phone calls and some planning, it was determined that the great hunt would occur in Wyoming in October.

During this planning, we were introduced to a wonderful organization called Chairbound Hunters that would be the facilitators and guides for this hunt. They strictly provide hunts for people who are wheelchair bound. It is such an amazing ministry.

So we loaded up the trailer and hooked it up to the pickup and we headed west for Wheatland Wyoming. We met all our helpers, ate some supper, and figured out the shooting set up that would work for Cade. And then Cade was ready for bed, anticipating a fun hunt.

Now Cade is not a morning person, but this morning his eyes popped open and he asked me if it was finally morning yet. I said yes and he said let’s get going then. So we dressed and headed out the door to begin our hunt.

We chased several antelope through one pasture, but a shot on a good buck just never presented itself. So a regrouping and moving to a different pasture took place. We could see some potential targets as we were still traveling to our destination.

We entered the pasture and Cade found THE ONE. He said he knew this was a shooter buck and we should start the chase. So off we went. After losing sight a couple of times when they crossed over a hill, we came upon another group. Not sure if it was the same buck or not, but Cade deemed him worthy of shooting so we began the chase again. This time we would be successful. We got the pickup lined up just right and Cade for an eye on him. A quick check of the range determined it to be a 248 yard shot.

Cade focused in and waited for his green light to be given. Fired his shot off and looked out to see the buck had went down. One shot again for this lucky little boy. Such a fun time. After posing for pictures, the antelope was loaded and taken to a cooler to hang until we cut it up tomorrow. You can watch the video I made here.

We truly have been blessed by the people we have met as we travel this journey. It’s because of such amazing people that we get to go on these fun adventures!

Blessings. Lynnette

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