Surgery Day

So first off, we are still here. Life has just been crazy busy and I needed to take some time away from worrying about updating the blog. But we are here and had many changes happen since my last post.

First off, we have moved. We renovated the house next door to my in-laws after Brent’s aunt passed away. Things are much more accessible for Cade in this house and although we have many unfinished projects, we are loving the amount of freedom Cade has received since we moved. The flow of this house makes him much more independent.

Secondly, we were blessed with a handicap van! We met the sweetest lady whose husband was wheelchair bound and had recently passed away. Now that she no longer needed the van, she blessed us in a way that we will never be able to repay. We are truly blessed by the people we have met along this journey of ours and she will always be one of our biggest blessings!

Testing out the fit.

The third thing is that while most everything for Cade has remained stable, his scoliosis did progress to a point where intervention is necessary. We are currently getting ready to head out to Denver for Cade to undergo surgery on Tuesday, August 23. We, along with his medical team, feel that this is best to do the surgery at this point. He will be in the hospital for 4-7 days.

For this surgery, can I ask that you pray for the best outcome from this surgery, along with prayers for his lungs to recover completely and quickly after the surgery. Currently, he needs no devices or oxygen and we are praying that this will stay this way. 

If anyone is interested, they do have a free card service through the hospital and I know that Cade would love to receive the mail. I’ll try to keep it updated as to when he will be discharged as once he is out of the hospital, he will no longer be able to receive these cards. I’ve added the link below to send him one of these cards.

I am going to try to get back to updating this blog more often and I think the surgery will be a perfect chance to get back into the habit.

Blessings. Lynnette

3 thoughts on “Surgery Day

  1. Good to hear from you was wondering how you all were doing . Cade is growing up. And like to see his big hunting stories. Prayers for a speedy recovery and successful surgery. Love you all. Linda and Phillip.

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  2. Prayers for Cade and Mom and Dad to. Keep me posted and if you need anything just call or Aunt Lynn is close to. We love you all give hugs to Cade from all of us !!

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