Surgery Recovery Part 1

Today was a bit of an up and down day. The morning started off really rough when we got behind his pain. We were trying to get on a good schedule but the nausea and no appetite played a huge role in the scheduling of the pain meds.

After such a rough start to the morning, we got some breakfast in him along with the pain meds and things started getting better. He took a little rest and then it was time for physical therapy.

He had been pretty resistant to the idea of physical therapy, thinking that they would make him exercise too much. We finally explained that therapy was actually for Brent and I to learn how best to transfer him. So he agreed to therapy and we made our first transfer to his wheelchair!

He ended up liking sitting in his wheelchair so much that he spent at least 3 hours in it and even made it down to the teen room, which was his goal since he found out about it! It really is an amazing space for teens to hang out!

Kevin and Kim came to see him in the afternoon too and even stayed to allow Brent and I a little hospital break. We hadn’t left the hospital since we got here Tuesday morning at 5:30 am for his surgery! It was really nice of them to do that and they are coming back the next few days to visit also!

The one big downfall we have experienced is that Cade pays way too much attention to the monitor. He gets highly nervous and agitated every time the numbers set off the alarm, even if no one else is nervous about it. I’ve had to step in front of his view of the monitor so I could calm him down.

The Teen Room has 3 huge tvs with a lot of different video game options.

Please continue to pray for his appetite to continue to get better and for continued pain management. Also pray that our transfers continue to get smoother. Overall he is doing remarkably well for the big surgery he underwent with the complication of his Duchenne. Things could be so much worse than they are.

Blessings. Lynnette

3 thoughts on “Surgery Recovery Part 1

  1. Hey cade its Corey. Stay strong and keep that big old smile you got smiling not frowning. You are a tough dude. Hey I am actually in New Mexico building a hunting lodge for a customer and I have been telling alot of guys here about your elk hunt you did. They get jealous when I show them the pictures. It makes me smile telling the story. Strong strong boss.
    Corey Goss / Heartland DSC


  2. We’re praying and happy that the surgery went well. Recovery may be slow or quick, but good and needed even though uncomfortable. Go, tough guy!
    Steve and Katherine


  3. Cade, You are a strong guy and we have a loving God. I guess now comes the hard part – recovering. But you have a great family, wonderful friends and neighbors, and a wonderful God. We pray for you to have peace and strength and a good time in the teen room! Love to you from us Kansas cousins


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