Surgery Recovery Part 2

We finally turned a corner on Friday! We used a LOT of distraction to be able to stretch the pain med schedule out. We were trying to get it so we wouldn’t have a big of a crash in between his doses. And we accomplished our goal.

He also had to have his post-op x-rays. The ride down to the x-rays was unpleasant. Cade was really nervous about the x-rays and thought that he was going to have to lay flat on the hard table. Once we got to radiology and he saw that he didn’t have to lay on the hard table he calmed down significantly.

His eating is better now too so that has also helped with his pain management. He started asking for his phone and played some more Xbox. He sat in his wheelchair for the entire football game so we are extending the time he tolerates that.

With him turning the corner and meeting his goals, we are planning for discharge in the morning. Then we will begin the journey home. We are planning on taking it slow and planning his pain medication around leaving time. He’s pretty nervous about being home with no nurses to assure him that mom and dad can handle it.

So please pray for comfort for Cade about returning home. Pray that we get to return home either tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Pray that we can keep his pain managed during the drive home.

And if you are local and while he is still recovering, I know he would like visitors so feel free to check in and visit.

Blessings. Lynnette

3 thoughts on “Surgery Recovery Part 2

  1. Lynnette,
    Glad to hear everything is going well. Take it slow going home and we will keep our prayers here for Cade and your family. And you need to take care of yourself too.


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  2. Thinking of you guys and praying for a quick recovery time. Hoping you are getting enough rest and taking care of yourselves as well. Sending hugs and lots of prayers!

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