Home Sweet Home

We made it home. We busted out of the hospital on Sunday. Cade was extremely anxious about the drive home. But we carefully made a plan with our nurse for timing of meds and what we could do if we needed to and set out on the journey home.

For as nervous and anxious Cade was about the drive, it went very smoothly and he even napped for a chunk of it!

Then came the harder part, figuring out the new normal at our house yet again. But we are kinda becoming pros at figuring out this new normal. So the transfers to bed have went well and the transfers to the chair are going great as well. Cade even tolerates sitting in his wheelchair for a decent amount of time. He prefers it be reclined a fair amount so we are working at trying to sit up a little more so he can get back to school.

We have a couple more checklist items to work on and we are hoping he might tolerate being at his brother’s football game on Friday for at least a little of it. Right now that is our goal along with school return maybe sometime next week.

His body is starting to feel a little more normal after the surgery. He was getting so frustrated with not being able to lift and move his hands and arms freely. We have explained to him that the amount of anesthesia and medicine has made those things more difficult and as time goes on, those abilities will come back.

We really appreciate all the prayers being said for Cade. We could definitely feel them,especially on the ride home. Please pray for continued healing and the ability to start getting off some of these pain medications. Pray for a smooth transition back to school and for the ability for us to continue to find our new normal.

Blessings. Lynnette

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