Doctor Friday

Friday, the boys didn’t have school.  So it worked well to have therapy scheduled on that day.  Cade also needed a wart removed and Cade and I were going to get our flu shots.  That’s a lot packed into one day for Cade.

Then because he didn’t have school, he wanted to go to work with Dad.

Working with Dad

This is how I get into our tractors!

Good grief is the farming equipment huge.  But luckily for Cade, his Daddy loves to let him ride along so he is always willing to help him up into the tractor.

Fast forward now to the afternoon when we would start our time at the clinic.  Cade has already had a big day full of excitement and lots of climbing in and out of tractors.  He’s a little tired but I am hopeful we can push through.

We go to physical therapy first.  It goes pretty well.  I can see some improvements.  He can skip in the water which he has never been able to accomplish on land.  Too bad the pool is inside because it makes me tear up every time I see it happen.


He did pretty well throughout all of therapy.  He wanted to change completely after therapy back into his clothes.  To those of us without MD, doesn’t sound like a big deal, does it?  For Cade, he can sometimes struggle getting himself dressed due to his weakness.  Plus now he was wet.  And wearing jeans.  And a button down shirt.

So he asked for help.  Ok, he seemed pretty good with asking for help.  We get his wet clothes off and put the dry clothes on.  We leave therapy for the day and head over to the clinic for the wart removal and flu shots.

He had been discussing his flu shots with his dad all week.  His dad HATES shots.  He had told his dad that he wasn’t going to cry.

We were sitting in the waiting room and Cade had gotten a glass of water.  And somehow when my eyes were turned, he spilt the whole cup in his lap. Game over!  He was wet and told me he wanted to go home.  It was also at that exact time that the nurse came to get us for his appointment.

Flu shots were up first for him and I.  I am trying to do paperwork, answer questions, and calm Cade down all at the same time.  I thought he was calmed down pretty well and I had distracted him with taking my picture while I was getting my flu shot.

He told me to make a sad face and so I did.  Apparently, I am a great actress!  He didn’t remember to take the picture and then became more nervous about his impending shot.  I reassured him but this was just too much on top of an already busy day.

So instead of getting the nicely posed picture of him getting his flu shot, we got this one and one which we quickly deleted!


By the time we got to the wart removal, I was exhausted and so was Cade.  I put the camera away, but I wish I hadn’t.  He handled that part of the appointment like a champ after some deep breaths with mom.

His poor tender heart though.  He kept apologizing for ruining the picture for the blog and for embarrassing himself at the appointment.  I told him to just focus on remembering to look to mom for help to calm down in those moments and to relax.

As we were heading to bed, he said, “You’re right mom.  That really wasn’t a big deal to get so upset about.”.  I love that little boy so much!!

Blessings.  Lynnette

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