Lord’s Acre Weekend

This past weekend was a huge weekend for our family and our church.  It is our annual fundraiser dinner known as Lord’s Acre.  Each member of our church is responsible for bringing the different items for the meal.  I made a pan of the chicken casserole and 2 pies.

We also make extra items to bring to sell to help raise even more money for our church.  We decided to make some different popcorn snacks.  The boys wanted to help make the popcorn and snacks.

The boys had a great time using the stove-top popcorn maker.  I even got Cole to help make the snack bags up.  The highlight of the day was making the Kool-Aid popcorn.  The boys loved that.  We will definitely have to try making that again.

I’ve always loved this weekend.  I love to watch all of us hustle around, doing God’s work.  I think it is amazing to see all of our community come out to support our little church.


This year, however, would be different.  I still love to see all of us displaying God’s love by feeding our community and providing some fellowship, but now I was concerned for Cade.

Would he struggle at all?  Would he fall?  Would I be able to do my job for the day?  This would be one of the first major community outings we have done since the diagnosis.

Would people ask lots of questions?  Some days I can talk about the diagnosis without breaking down in tears.  A lot of days, I can’t get through just thinking about how to start without beginning to cry.

Cade found the perfect job with some of the other kids of our church though and, even better, the kids were wanting to benefit one of their teachers by raising money for her medical expenses.  I love these kids’ giving, generous hearts.


The weather was beautiful.  The food tasted amazing.  There were a few questions, but in the busyness of the day, I didn’t have enough time to think about my answers and that meant I didn’t cry!

We are truly blessed with an amazing church family.

Blessings.  Lynnette

4 thoughts on “Lord’s Acre Weekend

  1. Sorry we missed Banner’s Lord Acre Day. We were out of town. Glad it went smoothly for you. It is always a fun day for the kids, too!


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