Take Me to Church

Sundays are for church at our house.  While Brent is doing chores, I wake the boys and get us all ready to go for church.  Brent comes home, gets ready for church, and then we all head out the door.

country church, muscular dystrophyI love our little church.  This little country church and its members have become my family.  This is not the church that I grew up in, it’s not even the same denomination!  This church of ours is not my home church, but is now my HOME.

It is at this church that I decided to step out further in my faith.  And it is because of this church that we have been able to face this disease with the courage and grace that we have.  You could say this church is my heart.

But this church is more than my heart.  Both my boys made the choice to be baptized here.  Both my boys regularly attend Sunday School and help out where needed.  This church is their home too.

It’s almost as if I feel the past members and family cheering us on in our walk with the Lord.  I feel their guidance, their presence.  I truly feel grounded in my faith when I enter this building and refreshed when I leave.

But this church we love so much, the church my husband’s great great grandfather helped build, needs our help now.  We are working at making this church handicap accessible.  We need it to be handicap accessible.  Otherwise we will have to find a new church.  And just how do you go about finding a new heart?

country church, muscular dystrophy

We have started the process of updating our church but have also hit a few snags. You see we don’t live in the city where most buildings have an elevator. We don’t even know where to begin to find an elevator vendor.

We have some amazing friends helping us to get our church handicap accessible.  But we also recognize our limitations and this is a new area for us.  We would gladly take any suggestions that you may have.

Because we want to keep this church as our home, we will just buckle down and do the work. We know it won’t be easy but we also know we have an amazing God who works miracles all the time.

Blessings. Lynnette

4 thoughts on “Take Me to Church

  1. So glad to see Banner addressing becoming handicap accessible. It has been a need for a long time and various possibilities have been proposed through many years. Blessings as you pursue this project. God surely has folks with the skill and resources for this to happen.


  2. Contact Don Cantrell or Brad Bartak in Merna, NE. Immanuel Lutheran Church in Merna put in an elevator in the church about 9 or ten years ago. They may be able to get you hooked up with an elevator company and be able to
    steer you towards some funding sources. Prayers for success.


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