Superheroes don’t always wear capes. I am pretty sure in Cade’s mind that Cole is his superhero. Especially after his diagnosis, Cade has become more dependent on Cole.

I just want Cole to know that we see him.  We see him when he is being incredibly patient to Cade when it takes Cade a LOT longer to get anything done.  This will help him to see that everyone including himself, have strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone does things in their own time.  And mostly we want him to realize that God’s timing, while not our own, is perfect timing and sometimes we just need to be patient.

We see him being compassionate to Cade when Cade wants to do everything just like Cole.  Cade looks up to Cole in so many ways and Cole is usually pretty good about allowing Cade to do what he is doing.  He is such an amazing brother to Cade.

These two are not just brothers but they are also good friends.  They keep each other’s secrets that they don’t want me to know right away.  They have each other’s backs.


While we see his kind and compassionate heart, my heart is saddened a little.  Some day we will have to face a very grim future and Cole will know for sure about what Cade is facing.

We have chosen so far to only let Cole know what Cade knows about his disease since these 2 share secrets.  I know Cole would never be able to keep this from Cade.  I dread the day we have to tell them.

But I do know that these two boys that have my heart, will face this future together.  Cole will be Cade’s strength when Cade needs it.  Cole will already lift Cade up into vehicles and carry him around on his back.

These boys are superheroes in my mind!

Blessings.  Lynnette


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