Bake It

Tonight’s advent task was to bake some cookies. We chose to make peanut butter cookies so Cade could enjoy them too. Cade doesn’t like chocolate so we had to steer clear of any cookies with chocolate. It was either peanut butter or sugar and I opted for peanut butter.

Cade helped me make the cookies while Cole was at basketball practice. While we were making the cookies I was think about when Jesus was talking to Peter and He asked Peter if he loved Him. And Peter replied that of course he loved Him.

What was Jesus’ response to Peter? Then feed my sheep. I love to cook and bake so physically meeting that request seems pretty easy for me. I cook supper most nights of the week.

But with Cade’s diagnosis, I have now began to pay more attention to the spiritual feeding of my boys. Taking care of the physical needs of Cade can be time consuming and exhausting. But it is the spiritual feeding that keeps us moving with the physical needs.

Attendance at Sunday School, church, and AWANA don’t seem enough anymore.  I pray that they get more out of it.  I pray they are being fed.

While I worry about the boys being fed, I also worry that I feed all of you that choose to read this blog.  I know that sometimes it can feel like one more thing on an already long list of things to do.  But as I write, I truly do ask God to show me the way with my posts.

I have several started that I thought would make great posts, but quickly faded with my words.  Then it seems while I am working on one that I thought would be good, I feel a stirring to go a different direction.  I pray for each of you readers and I want you to know how much we appreciate all of you.

We are blessed to have such amazing people on this journey with us.  So I just have one request.  I want you to go out and feed the sheep too.

Blessings.  Lynnette

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